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Top Five Songs that Appear on Book playlists!

SurrenderToLoveFinalMedMusic has been a big dynamic of my writing career, as it’s been the driving force behind the stories I put out. In almost every single case I can tell you which book and which song inspired most of the scenes because it’s usually just a line from a song that does it.

Something about the metal genre in general evokes images of passion, even though what I listen to involves a lot of dirty vocals. I thought since we’re pimping a number of releases right now, I’d talk about the five songs that seem to tie into most of what I’m writing.

Paula’s Craving – my upcoming Decadent book, along with the possible 1NS story we’re negotiating featured Tessearct, the progressive Djent metal band from England. Incidentally, the entire Concealing Fate suite of songs plays heavily on a lot of things actually.

Primary song: Concealing Fate Part III: The Impossible. The previous track (Deception) had an erotic, eerie feel to it but once I heard the lyrics broken down on Part III, I knew I had a song for internal conflict.

Paper Waves, by the Dutch “metal” band The Gathering. The new lead singer found her stride and again, the lyrics evoke longing, lust, passion and a certain sadness I can’t pass up as a romance author or reader.

Endangered_final_fionaLacuna Coil’s song “A Current Obsession” meets the playlist too, same reason as above, only it’s not a new lead singer, it’s two and the music inspires that dark longing love needs when times are tough.

Fallen Down – Assemblage 23. Actually a LOT of A23 appears on soundtracks. Tom is so good at showing despair and creating a sound stage with his electronic music. Plus, pointed lyrics that hit home help me bring a better story to you. This was a great addition to when I was working on ENDANGERED, for Red Sage.

Last but not least, I’d have to say Shiver, by Vildjharta. Annoying crunch and high pitched riffing along with lyrics that match the beat yet share the ideas of conflict, both inner and external, make for a song that tends to stick on a lot of soundtracks for books of mine.

Remind me in the future to do a “sexy swinging sounds” post and we’ll talk a little less melancholy!

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